Skin to Life™

From the technology we offer to the art on our walls, every aspect of Resurrect Skin MD was built with intention. We couple the industry’s best devices with comprehensive treatment planning and an unwavering commitment to service that we believe is redefining what a cosmetic practice can be.

We call this our Skin to Life™ experience.

The Story Behind Skin to Life™

At RSMD, our mission is to “bring Skin to Life™ through science, care and compassion”. That mission is more than just words — it is a living, breathing philosophy that inspires how we treat our patients and each other. This has been our guiding principle since day one.

Early in the journey to open RSMD’s doors, Dr. Burns and his staff gathered together for a weekend of brainstorming. The goal was to walk away with a purpose statement for the new practice. We knew we wanted something more than an empty catchphrase or a buzzy soundbite (and that our patients deserved more, too). We wanted a beacon that would guide us home to our core objectives and values.

We are excited to show you why Skin to Life™ sets us apart and what it looks like in action.

The result was a mission statement co-created by the team who embodies it each day: bringing Skin to Life™ through science, care and compassion. In practice, this means:

  • Evaluating technology to sort fact from hype, ensuring we only offer the industry’s safest and most effective procedures
  • Designing highly personalized, comprehensive treatment plans that achieve the best results for all ages and skin types
  • Exceeding expectations with a comfortable, inviting experience and an unparalleled level of service

Our Founder

The Skin to Life™ experience means our founder and medical director, Dr. A. Jay Burns, is frequently involved in consultations and treatments. Unlike many medical spas, where the physician on staff is a figurehead more than a practitioner, Dr. Burns is intimately involved in the daily workings of Resurrect Skin MD.

Dr. Burns brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our practice. He has devoted the last 30 years to caring for patients, educating colleagues and medical students, and helping new technologies come to market as a researcher and member of scientific advisory boards. He is a world leader in nonsurgical and minimally invasive solutions, particularly aesthetic lasers and other devices.

Our Team

We believe we have the greatest impact when we work together, and we couldn’t be more proud of the team we’ve assembled. Dr. Burns personally selects every member of the RSMD staff, many of whom have practiced alongside him for decades. Each team member is highly accomplished in their area of expertise and receives ongoing training to ensure we remain at the top of our field.

The Skin to Life™ experience is rooted in a team approach. Starting with your very first visit, our surgical and nonsurgical teams work together to create a treatment that is more than the sum of its parts. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver not only great results, but also a standard of excellence in care that we feel is truly exceptional.

Our Methodology

Resurrect Skin MD is home to Dr. Burns’ surgical practice as well as an array of nonsurgical and minimally-invasive treatments. This allows us to address all four pillars of aging with our Skin to Life™ approach: gravity, volume deficit, declining skin quality and dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle activity. Treating all of these factors together produces the best and most natural results.

As a patient of RSMD, you have access to every state-of-the-art treatment available performed by a highly trained team of practitioners, but you will only receive what you need and feel comfortable with. Your treatment plan will be personalized just for you.

Our Technology

We give our team the most advanced tools in the world so they can bring Skin to Life™ with less downtime, improved safety and better results. Thanks to Dr. Burns’ involvement in many scientific advisory boards and clinical trials, we often have access to new technology before it is widely introduced to the market. We love being able to give our patients this truly one-of-a-kind experience.

No matter which pillar of aging you want to treat, we have a non-invasive or minimally-invasive treatment that can help. Our curated selection of devices and products can lift and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles anywhere on the face, minimize pigmentation and blemishes, reduce redness, restore lost volume and more.

Our Values

A business is only as strong as the values it is built on. We believe in acting with integrity and treating our patients with compassion and respect. We prioritize patient education so you can make informed decisions about your care, and we listen to your goals and concerns so we can accommodate your needs.

We go above and beyond to deliver a rewarding experience we hope you’ll remember for a lifetime. And we back it all up with an unwavering commitment to science and safety. These values help us excel together as a team and set a new gold standard for aesthetic care.

Our Philosophy

Having the best technology in the world is only one piece of the Skin to Life™ puzzle. We also distinguish ourselves by using our tools in creative, forward-thinking ways. When we design your treatment plan, we educate you on how the aging process works and how it is affecting you personally, so we can target your unique needs effectively.

Our goal is to never overtreat or undertreat. We want to match the right treatment to each concern and area of the body, which often means combining approaches to produce optimal results with faster healing and maximum safety. Your Skin to Life™ plan will include all modalities our team believes will help you reach your goals.

Our Relationships

Relationships don’t just keep Resurrect Skin MD running — they ensure it is a welcoming, vibrant and joyful place to be. We treat each other like family, and we extend that attitude to our patients. We strive to maintain a positive environment that our team is happy to work in and our patients are excited to visit. This way, everyone thrives.

Our commitment to you is life-long. As part of our Skin to Life™ approach, patients receive a long-term plan with recommendations for three months, one year, three years and beyond. Optimizing and maintaining skin is an ongoing process, and we hope to be your partner on that journey for a long time to come.

Your Experience

Patients are the heart of Resurrect Skin MD. We strive to make you feel safe, heard, respected and empowered in every interaction, starting with your consultation and comprehensive skincare analysis. You’ll meet the RSMD team, including Dr. Burns, and together we will construct a multidimensional plan to bring your Skin to Life™ using our world-class technologies.

Our hospitality and attention to detail don’t stop at your treatment plan. We aim to elevate the patient experience in all aspects of our practice, from our convenient and cost-effective subscription memberships to the luxurious massage chairs in our numbing rooms. RSMD delivers a truly personal and transformative service from start to finish.

We Hope To See You Soon at Resurrect Skin MD

We are excited to share Resurrect Skin MD with our beloved Dallas community and we can’t wait to see you. Schedule your consultation today to begin your Skin to Life™ journey with RSMD.