Noninvasive Body Contouring

Achieve your fitness goals without surgery, incisions or downtime

CoolSculpting Elite®

CoolSculpting first broke onto the aesthetic scene in 2010, forever changing how we eliminate unwanted fat cells. Since then, things have only gotten better with the introduction of CoolSculpting Elite, which delivers even better results in more areas. This treatment works by using the power of freezing temperatures to trigger a process called cryolipolysis, which destroys treated fat cells to sculpt leaner contours. It’s ideal for targeting problem areas that just won’t respond to diet or exercise. Results are permanent with proper maintenance, which is impressive considering that CoolSculpting requires no incisions, no anesthesia and little to no downtime.


Cellulite is a common and stubborn cosmetic problem. It affects up to 90% of women, but we’ve still struggled to find effective solutions for combating it. Avéli is an exciting advancement in the treatment of the individual depressions and dimples associated with cellulite. It is an improvement on prior cellulite reduction procedures, which were associated with significant bruising and discomfort, inadequate results and, in some cases, permanent pigmentation of the buttocks and legs. Avéli is more predictable and thorough in its release of the fibrous bands that cause cellulite. It is intended to be a one-time procedure for each dimple and depression treated, providing the ultimate convenience


INDIBA is a noninvasive body contouring treatment that slowly heats the tissues beneath the skin with radiofrequency technology. This helps to smooth and tighten targeted areas by reducing unwanted fat, stimulating collagen production and reducing the appearance of cellulite. INDIBA’s technology can also improve blood flow and speed up tissue repair to alleviate acute or chronic pain in the joints and muscles. Depending on your needs, our team can develop a personalized INDIBA treatment plan to help you look and feel your best, or combine with other treatments to maximize your results and recovery.


You have questions? We have answers.

What is nonsurgical body contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring procedures are designed to improve your body’s natural form without surgery. These cutting-edge technologies allow us to precisely target problem areas and deliver noticeable, natural-looking results without the risks, discomfort and downtime associated with surgical procedures like liposuction or abdominoplasty.

At Resurrect Skin MD, we provide a personalized approach to body contouring, recognizing that every body is unique and requires a tailored treatment plan.

What concerns can body contouring address?

We have a selection of the industry’s leading body contouring devices, meticulously evaluated and chosen by Dr. Burns for their safety and effectiveness. Depending on your needs, our body contouring treatments can:

  • Eliminate stubborn fat cells
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Smooth and tighten skin
  • Stimulate collagen production
  • Alleviate joint and muscle pain
  • Accelerate tissue recovery

How does nonsurgical body contouring work?

The number of body contouring devices on the market continues to grow. Each one is based on different technology and has its own intended use. Speaking broadly, most devices rely on temperature or energy (radiofrequency, ultrasound, electromagnetic) to produce their effect. The specifics of how each device functions and what purposes it is suited for will be discussed during your consultation.

What body areas can be treated?

Our body contouring devices can treat a number of areas that are often difficult to change with diet and exercise alone. These include:

  • Abdomen 
  • Thighs 
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Under buttocks (banana roll) 
  • Upper arms 
  • Bra band area 
  • Back 
  • Flanks (love handles) 
  • Under the chin 
  • Under the jawline 

Treatment areas for specific devices vary. Our highly experienced aesthetic providers will help you determine the most appropriate treatment options for your specific areas of concern.

Are there different types of nonsurgical body sculpting treatments?

Today’s patients have an increasingly vast range of technologies to choose from to achieve their body shaping goals. There are treatments to reduce fat bulges, improve muscle definition and strength, reduce cellulite and tighten skin across many body areas.

Having conducted an exhaustive review of the devices currently available, Dr. Burns selected CoolSculpting (fat freezing), Avéli (cellulite reduction) and Indiba (skin tightening) for RSMD. Dr. Burns continuously evaluates new devices to ensure RSMD has the latest and most effective body contouring technologies. There are two specific devices currently under evaluation that show real promise. Stay tuned or ask Dr. Burns about it the next time you are in the office!

Is body contouring safe?

Your safety and well-being are our top priorities. Nonsurgical body contouring treatments, when performed by trained professionals and using FDA-approved technologies, are generally considered safe and effective. These treatments have been extensively researched and developed to provide a noninvasive alternative to surgical procedures, minimizing risks and downtime. Dr. Burns has personally been involved in FDA trials and Scientific Advisory Boards for some of these devices.

What is the risk of paradoxical hyperplasia after CoolSculpting?

At Resurrect Skin MD, we understand the importance of clear and candid communication with our patients, and we want to empower you to make informed decisions about how you’d like to be treated.

Like any treatment, the effectiveness of CoolSculpting may vary from person to person, and complications cannot be entirely ruled out. While paradoxical hyperplasia (PH) is a recognized side effect, it is rare. It occurs in about 1 out of every 3,000 cycles, and in 12 years of offering CoolSculpting treatments, we have seen only one case under Dr. Burns’ medical directorship. This rate of complication is lower than almost any other treatment we offer and makes Coolsculpting Elite extremely safe overall.

Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction drives us to continually understand and mitigate risks associated with our treatments. We believe in the power of CoolSculpting Elite. Its standing as the most predictable and most effective fat removal technology globally is backed by a wealth of studies and experiences. In the rare event that a patient does develop PH, we are prepared with a treatment plan.

As always, our team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our services. We’re not just here to provide treatments — we’re here to establish a lasting relationship of trust and confidence with you.

How long does a body sculpting treatment typically take?

Treatment duration varies depending on factors such as the treatment selected, the size and number of areas being treated, and individual factors unique to each patient. Most nonsurgical body contouring treatments range from 30-60 minutes per session. We understand the value of your time and strive to provide efficient treatments without compromising on quality or results.

How should I prepare for my body sculpting treatments?

The first step is a consultation. During this visit, we will assess your goals, evaluate the areas you wish to target and determine the most suitable treatment plan for you. Come prepared to inform us about your medical history, including any past surgeries, medical conditions, allergies or medications you are currently taking. This information allows us to ensure your safety and tailor the treatment plan appropriately.

We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing on the day of your treatment. This allows for easy access to the treatment area and ensures your comfort throughout the procedure. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions specific to your chosen treatment during your consultation.

Does it hurt? What does it feel like?

During nonsurgical body contouring treatments, you may experience sensations such as a cooling or warming effect, tingling, or a mild suction or pressure sensation. Most patients find these procedures to be well-tolerated with minimal discomfort.

Our team is dedicated to providing attentive care and will closely monitor your comfort throughout the procedure to ensure a positive and effective treatment outcome.

Is there downtime after body contouring procedures?

Noninvasive body contouring treatments typically have minimal to no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities within hours after the procedure. These procedures are designed to be convenient and fit into your busy lifestyle.

Some treatments may have specific considerations or guidelines regarding physical activities or exposure to certain environments. Following the aftercare instructions provided by our team can help optimize your recovery and minimize any temporary effects.

What can I expect after noninvasive body sculpting?

Side effects are typically mild and short-lived. While each individual’s experience may vary, the most common side effects of nonsurgical body contouring treatments include mild redness, swelling, bruising, tenderness, discomfort or temporary changes in sensation in the treated area. Applying a cold compress or using over-the-counter pain relievers can help alleviate these effects.

How many sessions will I need?

Patients often see some changes after one session; however, the literature and data clearly show that results and patient satisfaction are greatly improved if the patient undergoes at least two cycles. This should not be surprising, as the surgical comparison would be like setting a time limit on a liposuction procedure!

The best outcome is when enough time and effort is spent on the area as needed. This time and effort varies from patient to patient and from area to area depending on the expectations of the patient and the amount of fat in the area to be treated.

During your personalized consultation at Resurrect Skin MD, our experienced professionals will evaluate your goals, assess your unique needs and provide a detailed treatment plan tailored to your desired outcome. After an optimal plan is created and expectations outlined, please know that you have the final say in your treatment and can choose an approach that meets your needs the best. We will discuss the estimated treatment duration and work closely with you to schedule treatments at times that suit your schedule.

When will I see results?

Many nonsurgical body contouring treatments are designed to work with your body’s natural processes, and as a result, changes appear gradually.

For example, CoolSculpting works by breaking down fat cells so that the body can eliminate them through its waste processing system. The body needs time to metabolize the treated fat cells. Initial improvements start to become noticeable within a few weeks, and full results are typically achieved within a few months.

The state-of-the-art Coolsculpting Elite technology has proven to show results more than the legacy Coolsculpting systems without Elite technology. Resurrect Skin MD has two Coolsculpting Elite devices that can allow up to four areas to be treated at the same time in certain situations, so that your time is more efficiently managed and you achieve your goals more quickly.

We know you are excited to see your results, but patience is key. Natural transformations take time!

Do the results look natural?

We prioritize natural-looking results in all our treatments. Our goal is to enhance your body’s natural contours and achieve a harmonious outcome that looks both beautiful and authentic.

It’s also important to understand that while nonsurgical body sculpting treatments can be very effective, they do not produce the dramatic changes that are possible with a surgical procedure like liposuction or a tummy tuck. However, if you are committed to the “treatment to transformation” protocol, many patients can achieve results that do come close to surgical results if they are good candidates. This protocol can be explained at your office consultation.

We will always do our best to outline realistic expectations about our treatment outcomes.

How can I maintain my results?

Nonsurgical body contouring can provide significant and long-lasting improvements. In fact, based on scientific studies, the FDA has allowed the use of the word “permanent” in relation to CoolSculpting results. If your weight is maintained, you will experience long-term fat stability and results. However, these treatments are not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle, and they cannot stop the aging process.

To ensure the longevity of your results, we recommend following a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. These lifestyle choices can help you preserve your body’s contours and optimize the benefits of your body sculpting treatments

Can body contouring help me lose weight?

Body contouring is not intended to be a weight loss solution. These treatments are designed to target specific areas of concern and enhance your physique by reducing localized pockets of stubborn fat, improving skin laxity or reducing cellulite. They are most effective if you are already close to your desired weight and have so-called “problem areas” that are resistant to diet and exercise.

We believe in a holistic approach to wellness at RSMD, which includes supporting your overall health and well-being. We can work with you to develop a personalized plan that combines body contouring treatments with healthy lifestyle choices to help you achieve your goals.

How is body sculpting different from liposuction?

Body sculpting typically refers to nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures. These treatments utilize advanced technologies to address localized areas of stubborn fat, cellulite or skin laxity without the need for surgical intervention. Body sculpting treatments are generally well-tolerated, have minimal downtime and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess fat through small incisions using specialized tools. Liposuction is more invasive and performed under local or general anesthesia. The procedure allows for more significant fat reduction and contouring in one setting, but the trade-off is increased downtime, discomfort and risk.

If the patient is committed to a nonsurgical body contouring plan with multiple cycles applied, then significant results can be achieved. However, with any nonsurgical treatment, your immune system response is the key to the quality of your results. This response varies from patient to patient and can not be controlled or predicted fully by the patient or the physician.

Can I combine body contouring treatments?

Absolutely! We frequently combine treatments to provide our patients with comprehensive and personalized solutions that address their unique needs. Your Skin to Life™ plan will include all modalities our team believes can help you reach your goals quickly, safely and effectively.