BBL and BBL Hero


The next generation of light therapy, delivering beautiful skin from head to toe

The groundbreaking BBL HERO by Sciton builds on the success of the original BBL system, delivering a more comfortable experience, more efficient treatments and better results for a variety of skin concerns. This device is one of our most powerful tools for reversing the effects of aging and sun damage.

At Resurrect Skin MD, we only offer treatments we truly believe in. Dr. Burns personally spent years involved in the development and launch of this product and is thrilled that his patients can now enjoy what is truly a device that stands far above the others in this category. We couldn’t be more excited about what BBL HERO can offer, as it has not only met but exceeded our expectations.

In addition to his involvement in developing the device, Dr. Burns sits on the scientific advisory board for Sciton and regularly teaches colleagues around the country how to utilize the technology he helped bring to the worldwide market. RSMD was the first practice in Texas and the second in the United States to receive the BBL HERO machine. Learn more about this revolutionary device below.

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Treatment Time

5-20 Min





Noticeable Results

2-3 weeks

Treatments Needed


What Is the BBL HERO by Sciton?

BBL stands for BroadBand Light therapy. The technology uses pulses of light energy to gently heat the top layers of your skin, which triggers the production of collagen. As the new collagen builds up in your skin, your skin looks younger and brighter, with improvements in pigmentation, redness, wrinkles and overall skin quality.

The introduction of Sciton’s High Energy Rapid Output (HERO) technology means we can now provide faster treatments with very little to no downtime and even better results. The new HERO system is up to 4X faster than the BBL or any other IPL technology, which allows us to take the benefits of BBL beyond the face to the neck, chest, back, arms and legs.

The BBL HERO is the culmination of years of research and planning, and the results of Sciton’s innovations are outstanding. For the first time, we have a way to maintain youthful skin so that we can radically delay or eliminate more aggressive treatments in the future. At your consultation at RSMD, we will share photos of patients who have had three BBL treatments per year for many years. The photos show that their skin actually looks better after years of consistent treatment than when they started the treatments!

BBL HERO vs. IPL: What Is the Difference?

It is well known that laser energy of any wavelength can improve skin. Shining many wavelengths at once over a broad range effectively improves pigmentation from sun damage (specifically reds and browns), texture and pore size. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) was invented for this purpose years ago. Dr. Burns has worked with and taught about IPL devices for 15 years and, more recently, played an instrumental role in bringing the BBL HERO to market.

BBL (BroadBand Light) is essentially an upgraded version of IPL. Both therapies work by directing pulses of light energy into the skin. However, BBL spans a wider visible spectrum of light than IPL. The pulses can penetrate to various skin levels, making it more powerful, more predictable, more efficient and more comfortable for our patients.

The results achieved with one to three BBL HERO treatments could take five to six treatments with less effective IPL technology. We consider BBL HERO the gold standard technology in its class.

What Are the Benefits of BBL HERO?

The highlights of Sciton’s BBL HERO include:

  • Reliable, versatile, customizable
  • Faster results with minimized risk
  • Powerful cooling technology for more comfortable and safer treatments
  • Suitable for use anywhere on the body with much shorter treatment times
  • Safe for most skin types
  • No required downtime
  • Improvements seen in as little as one treatment

What Does BBL HERO Do?

BBL Hero is used to treat:⁣

  • Sun damage⁣
  • Age spots⁣
  • Freckles
  • Pigmented lesions ⁣
  • Facial redness (rosacea)⁣
  • Vascular lesions ⁣
  • Acne⁣
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Appearance of skin laxity
  • Dermal revitalization

There’s nothing like BBL HERO in the world today. It’s faster, more efficient and delivers more energy in a shorter period of time, which translates to better results. The return on investment for our patients — not just financially, but also in terms of the convenience and the degree of improvement you get per treatment — is incredible.

— Dr. Burns

Am I a Good Candidate for BBL HERO?

BBL HERO’s advanced technology allows us to treat areas of the body we would not have been able to treat in the past due to the much faster treatment times. The best candidates for this treatment have light to medium skin tones, are in good general health and wish to treat skin concerns related to sun damage and aging.

During a BBL HERO treatment, we can switch out filters and adapters on the handpiece depending on the concern we are targeting. ⁣For example, the filter we use to target acne differs from the filter used to reduce redness. This allows us to perform a customizable treatment that efficiently reaches your goals while keeping the needs of your skin type in mind.

What Should I Expect During My BBL HERO Treatment?

Your BBL HERO experience at Resurrect Skin MD will begin with a consultation. We will use this initial meeting to determine whether BBL HERO treatments are right for you and develop a tailored treatment plan.

During your treatment session, your provider will pass the BBL HERO handpiece over the targeted areas. Unlike the previous BBL device, which was applied in a stamping motion, HERO glides over the surface of the skin with a sweeping movement. This sweeping motion drastically reduces “patterning of the skin,” which is common with all other IPL devices. The safety profile is greatly improved with the BBL HERO due to this feature alone. We can’t emphasize enough how much this technology is an advance over prior technologies.

Multiple passes may be done over the treatment area to ensure effective and consistent results. Each area takes only minutes to treat.

Does BBL HERO Hurt?

BBL HERO is a comfortable treatment, despite being faster and more powerful than its predecessor. Dr. Burns has had the treatment himself and describes it as “a warm pop” feeling. Numbing the treatment area is not required.

What Is the Downtime for BBL HERO?

Our patients can expect little to no downtime after a BBL HERO treatment. You can return to your usual activities immediately, including putting on makeup. There is no time-intensive aftercare routine to follow. For approximately 30 to 60 minutes after treatment, your skin may feel warm and tender, like a mild sunburn. Follow your RSMD provider’s instructions on caring for your skin. Be especially vigilant about sun protection and sun avoidance.

Pigmentation may temporarily darken in the initial part of the healing process, creating the illusion that you have more sun damage than you actually do.

This effect is usually strongest after your first BBL HERO treatment and softens with each subsequent session. Dr. Burns compares this process to dark roasting coffee beans. The color changes as the abnormal pigment (melanin) in cells is heated, causing it to darken. The treated pigment is then gradually expelled as the skin naturally turns over and sheds.

Watch Dr. Burns describe his own post-treatment experience with BBL HERO on Instagram.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From BBL HERO?

BBL HERO produces noticeable results within two to three weeks, plus continued improvement over time. Your results will emerge gradually as your body’s natural healing process replaces damaged cells with fresh cells in the days and weeks after treatment.

How Many BBL HERO Treatments Do I Need?

Your RSMD provider will work with you to create a personalized plan to address your needs. Based on reputable published scientific studies, we believe three BBL sessions per year is optimal for most skin types. We have developed yearly packages to make your BBL HERO treatments consistent and affordable.

For comprehensive rejuvenation, your RSMD provider may recommend combining BBL HERO with MOXI. MOXI is a laser skin revitalization treatment we also provide at Resurrect Skin MD and often combine with our BBL HERO treatments.

The combination of BBL HERO and MOXI is our most popular treatment, as MOXI is excellent for helping with more advanced or stubborn brown spots and mild wrinkling and texture issues. Using fractional non-ablative laser energy, MOXI activates collagen production and improves fine lines, pigment and texture. We love this combination for clearer, smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.

Respected published scientific studies show that BBL can stimulate your skin cells back to a younger state by directly changing your DNA. Three BBL treatments per year can turn off aging genes and activate youthful skin genes. Amazing and true! It doesn’t just make your skin look better; it actually rejuvenates the genetic code within your cells, so they act as if they were healthier and younger. We are literally turning back time for your skin cells.

— Dr. Burns

Discover BBL HERO at Resurrect Skin MD

At Resurrect Skin MD, we use the power of science to help our patients become their most beautiful and confident selves. We believe so strongly in our treatments that we regularly use them ourselves, and Dr. Burns travels the country to speak at events and instruct other physicians about the tools we use.

Dr. Burns not only prioritizes providing the very best technology in the world for his patients but also ensuring it is delivered at the highest level by his thoroughly trained staff. We strive to achieve a level of service and education that far exceeds our patients’ expectations.

Contact us to schedule your BBL HERO consultation today. Our team can be reached at 219-754-6865 or through our convenient online contact form.