Resurrect Face & Neck

Resurrect Face & Neck

A modern, minimally-invasive approach to the face and neck lift

Gravity is interesting in that you can’t visualize it, touch it or hear it, but you can certainly see its results. It keeps us “well-grounded” and we take it for granted every day, but it also has a major side effect: it makes us look older as we age!

Over our lifetime, the invisible force of gravity constantly pulls down on our skin. Young skin can resist this pull thanks to its elasticity, but as we grow older and elasticity declines, our skin and underlying soft tissue layers start to sag. We see the effects of this most prominently in our drooping brows, deepening nasolabial folds or “smile lines”, enlarging jowls, neck banding, and skin looseness.

While we cannot defeat gravity, we can minimize its impact most effectively with surgical procedures. Dr. Burns has performed a variety of facial rejuvenation techniques throughout his career. Now with over 30 years of experience, he has taken parts of some of his preferred techniques and combined them with a new innovation to develop the Resurrect Face and Neck procedure. This procedure prioritizes a natural result, no drains, no overnight stay or nursing requirement, fewer side effects and more rapid recovery. The response from his patients has been very positive.

facelift patient

Treatment Time

1-2 hours


General or Local


2-3 weeks

What Is Resurrect Face & Neck?

When it comes to facial rejuvenation surgery, it’s important to think of the big picture. We naturally tend to focus on our face because it is so visible, but our neck is also subject to gravity, sun damage and collagen loss. Addressing one without addressing the other can create a mismatched look that is both unflattering and unnatural. That is why most patients require a combination of a facelift and neck lift.

The Resurrect Face and Neck (RFN) combines a lower SMAS facelift with our minimally-invasive Resurrect Neck suture suspension lift. This unique procedure provides neck tightening and jawline definition while prioritizing patient safety, natural-looking results and minimal downtime.

Dr. Burns has listened to patients’ concerns and preferences carefully during his long career, and now believes the most popular perspective from his patients is one that he agrees with wholeheartedly. The RFN approach may not be for everyone, but Dr. Burns believes it offers the best return on time, risk and financial investment for most of his patients.

What Are the Benefits of Resurrect Face & Neck?

The RFN approach differs from a traditional facelift and neck lift in several key ways.


When rejuvenating the face, Dr. Burns uses the lower SMAS technique. This approach focuses on the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) beneath the skin rather than the skin itself. The SMAS is a strong fascial layer (similar to the “gristle” on a steak) that runs from the cheekbone, down over the cheek and jawline, and down to the clavicle (collarbone). Often, the inside edge of this firm sheet of tissue produces two vertical bands in the center of the neck that extend from under the chin to the base of the neck.

The SMAS lift offers several advantages, including better blood supply for healing and a stronger pull leading to longer-lasting and more predictable results. It is also less likely to produce an over-pulled look than a skin-only facelift.

In the RFN procedure, the lower SMAS layer is pulled towards the ears (laterally) and excess skin is trimmed. This addresses jowls and marionette lines efficiently and provides some tightening for the neck.

In a more aggressive technique called a high SMAS facelift, the SMAS layer is pulled up toward the eyes (vertically) rather than toward the ears. This approach is effective for addressing nasolabial folds and more advanced stages of aging, but it can increase the need for upper face rejuvenation such as a brow lift to maintain a harmonious appearance. This is the most aggressive approach to the face, and Dr. Burns performed this procedure for years. However, it produces a much longer downtime and more risk, the need for drains, and the need for overnight stay and nursing.

The high SMAS facelift is not an unreasonable approach for patients with very heavy jowls and smile lines and extremely excessive neck skin. Dr. Burns is happy to refer such patients to other excellent physicians here in the Dallas area, as he just wants the patients to be happy. However, for good candidates who agree with his more natural approach, the RFN is an excellent choice.

Neck Lift

Resurrect Neck tightens sagging tissue around the neck and jawline with a minimally-invasive suture system. Using a specialized MyEllevate tool set, Dr. Burns utilizes a suture to divide the SMAS band in the neck that is discussed above. If excess neck fat is found, then judicious liposuction is utilized to eliminate it. He then weaves a suture through the underlying tissues to create a suspension system anchored behind each ear that enhances jawline definition and helps sharpen the neck crease. Once the suture is in place, he gently pulls it in a type of “purse string” tightening to lift the tissues. The procedure requires no traditional neck incisions, only small puncture points that leave no scarring and require no suture in most cases.

A traditional neck lift, in contrast, requires an incision under the chin, general anesthesia and significantly more tissue dissection. This translates to more risk and a longer, more involved recovery. This approach may be necessary in advanced cases, but it is not required in most patients with less skin laxity who prefer the more natural, safer approach.

Resurrect Face & Neck

Combining these techniques into the Resurrect Face and Neck procedure offers significant benefits for our patients, including:

  • More anesthesia options (some isolated neck procedures, ”Resurrect Neck”, can be done under local in the office)
  • Reduced downtime compared to a traditional facelift and neck lift
  • Limited tissue dissection, therefore reduced risk of wound healing issues
  • Lack of neck dissection in the front of the neck, which eliminates the risk of a blood collection (hematoma) that might compress the trachea (windpipe)
  • No requirement for an overnight stay or nursing care, due to the eliminated risk of hematoma
  • No drains needed during recovery
  • A refreshed, natural-looking result — no over-pulled or “windswept” look

“I’ve performed all types of facelifts during my career, from classic techniques to the most advanced and innovative. Over the years, I’ve heard my patients say they want a kinder, gentler facelift with reasonable, natural results. Resurrect Face & Neck is that procedure. It reliably produces the low-downtime, natural-looking facelift most patients are looking for.”

— Dr. Burns

Am I a Good Candidate for Resurrect Face & Neck?

The ideal candidate for RFN is concerned about loss of jawline definition, fullness under the chin and loose skin along the neck. In addition to addressing these cosmetic issues, their priorities include reduced risk, minimal downtime and natural results.

Dr. Burns’ goal is to deliver a perfect result every time, but reasonable patients know that is humanly impossible. However, most patients who see Dr. Burns say, “I would rather be slightly underdone than overdone” or “I am not looking for perfection, I am looking for natural improvement.” These patients are the best candidates for Resurrect Face and Neck.

One of the most important things we do at RSMD is match the right procedures with the right patients. RFN is a great fit for most patients who want reasonable improvement and don’t want to look overdone.

However, no procedure is right for everyone. If your desired result is maximum tightness, and you are not concerned about the downtime and prolonged swelling to reach optimal improvement, we are happy to act as your cosmetic concierge. Dr. Burns has many connections in the Dallas aesthetics community and can refer you to an outstanding surgeon who performs more aggressive techniques with excellence.

What Are the Risks of Resurrect Face & Neck?

Although RFN offers an improved safety profile over more invasive techniques, no procedure is without risk.

The potential side effects of a lower SMAS face and neck lift include bruising, swelling, numbness, tightness, hair loss, skin loss, infection, temporary facial nerve injury (permanent injury is possible, but Dr. Burns has not had that occur in his career) and poor wound healing that leads to prominent scarring. The potential side effects of a suture-based neck lift include neck tightness, numbness, temporary smile asymmetry, infection and prolonged inflammation around the suture. The overwhelming majority of these side effects resolve within six months.

Please note that the risks above are risks of EVERY facelift, but the more limited dissection in the neck with the RFN procedure results in better blood supply and fewer complications compared to most other facelift techniques.

What Is the Downtime After a Resurrect Face & Neck Lift?

An overnight stay or nursing care is not required following your RFN procedure. However, if you believe these options would be helpful, they are available and can be arranged easily.

Some temporary discomfort, swelling and mild to moderate “bunching” under the jawline are expected post-surgery. If bruising occurs, it typically lasts for two weeks and can last up to three weeks. Overall, the bruising is usually mild with the RFN approach. Most patients feel comfortable returning to work and social activities within two to three weeks.

It’s important to follow aftercare instructions during this time. During the first two weeks, you must restrict any activity that could strain your incisions or elevate your blood pressure. This includes exercise and heavy lifting. You will wear a soft neck collar to provide support while you heal. Returning to activity will be discussed with Dr. Burns or his staff at the two-week mark.

Out of Town Patients

Due to Dr. Burns’ publications and widespread speaking schedule, he has national notoriety. Many patients travel to RSMD from outside of the DFW area. His experienced staff are happy to help with hotel arrangements and any other needs while recovering from surgery. There are many great hotels available and some within walking distance of the office.

What Results Can Resurrect Face and Neck Achieve?

In most cases, RFN patients enjoy significantly enhanced jawline definition, diminished jowling and improvements in both neck contour and fullness. The RFN procedure excels at producing naturally refreshed and youthful results, never a fake or plastic appearance.

It is said that plastic surgery is a battle of “beauty” vs. “blood supply.” The RFN procedure involves less neck dissection than standard neck procedures, which results in better blood supply and fewer complications. Some patients may see slightly less skin removed with the RFN procedure, however, these patients still see good improvement in the neck and jawline. This produces the natural result desired in an environment that also optimizes safety and rapid recovery. RFN is designed for patients who understand and desire these priorities and possibilities.

While every patient is unique, on average, the results of this procedure last eight to 10 years. This is comparable to other face and neck procedures but with less downtime, risk and scarring.

“With the perspective I have built over 30 years in practice, I truly believe Resurrect Face & Neck is the future. Not only do you get a natural look and a quicker recovery, but you have no drains, no overnight stay, no need for a nurse and fewer complications. I love it and my patients love it.”

— Dr. Burns

What Resurrect Face & Neck Is NOT

RFN is not a thread lift! Dr. Burns does not recommend thread lifting as it is very short-lived and in many reports, patient satisfaction is low and complications are higher than he feels comfortable with. He believes that there are many ways to tighten skin nonsurgically that are far superior to thread lifting.

Can I Combine Resurrect Face & Neck With Other Procedures?

As part of our Skin to Life™ approach, we create highly personalized, comprehensive treatment plans designed to meet and exceed our patients’ expectations. Our surgical and nonsurgical teams work together to create an experience that is more than the sum of its parts.

For our RFN patients, common surgical combinations include brow lift and blepharoplasty for upper face rejuvenation and liposuction for additional contouring of the neck, chin and jawline. Popular nonsurgical combinations include laser treatments (especially Erbium resurfacing) for skin rejuvenation, neurotoxins to address dynamic wrinkles and dermal fillers to soften nasolabial folds and other unwanted lines.

A Fresh Take on Facial Rejuvenation — Resurrect Face & Neck at RSMD

Resurrect Skin MD is setting a new standard for aesthetic medical practices. Not only do we perform and help develop the industry’s most advanced procedures, we take pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere where we treat you and each other like family. This allows us to deliver great results and a standard of excellence in care we feel is truly exceptional.

We are excited to bring Dr. Burns’ Resurrect Face and Neck procedure to Dallas. Give us a call at 219-754-6865 or reach out through our website to learn more about your options.