A gentle laser that lightens, brightens and refreshes skin in just 30 minutes

Introducing the newest fractional laser designed with all patients in mind. MOXI is a gentle, low-to-no downtime procedure that’s safe for use on all skin types and all year round. Whether you are new to aesthetic lasers or are a long-time fan seeking a way to maintain results between more aggressive treatments, MOXI offers something for everyone.

Sciton introduced the MOXI laser to the aesthetic world in conjunction with the BBL HERO. Both lasers were combined on the MJoule platform, and it has been one of the most successful roll-outs of technology in the history of the industry. The reason for this success is simple: both lasers are phenomenal.

Our founder, Dr. A. Jay Burns, is globally renowned for his expertise in laser rejuvenation. He regularly travels the country to speak at events and instruct colleagues about laser technology. He also sits on the scientific advisory board for Sciton, the company that manufactures the MOXI laser as well as the HALO laser and the BBL HERO. RSMD is proud to be the first practice in Texas and the second in the United States to receive the MOXI laser.

Treatment Time

15-90 Min




2-8 Hours

Noticeable Results

4-5 Days

Treatments Needed


What Is the MOXI Laser by Sciton?

Dramatic before and afters are exciting to see, but not everyone is seeking an aggressive treatment. Many patients are looking for ways to achieve subtle rejuvenation and ongoing maintenance as part of their regular skincare routine. With MOXI, we can do just that. MOXI is a nonablative laser designed for prejuvenation and polishing.

The device’s fractionated 1927nm wavelength offers a gentle yet effective approach to laser resurfacing that leaves patients glowing with minimal downtime. It is ideal for touch-up treatments and early intervention to correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging. Using this gentle laser preventatively may minimize the need for more invasive and aggressive treatments later on.

MOXI is one of the gentlest lasers on the market and an easy lunchtime procedure. It’s a good maintenance option for our patients who have more aggressive laser treatments, as well as for our younger patients looking to prevent signs of aging. It’s also a good choice for our male clients, as it can be done over facial hair.

— Dr. Burns

What Does MOXI Do?

MOXI can assist with a variety of concerns and goals, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (excessive brown pigment in response to injury)
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Melasma (excessive pigmentation in response to sun combined with estrogen)
  • Chloasma (pigmentation associated with pregnancy due to increased estrogen)
  • Fine lines
  • Poor texture
  • Mild skin laxity
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dull complexion
  • Prejuvenation
  • Long-term maintenance

What Are the Benefits of MOXI?

The highlights of MOXI include:

  • Gentle, versatile treatment
  • Fast treatment times
  • Requires no anesthetic
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Suitable for face and body
  • No required social downtime
  • Simple post-care regimen
  • Can be used year-round

How Does MOXI Compare to HALO?

MOXI is often considered a precursor to Sciton’s HALO laser. HALO is a hybrid laser that combines a fractional ablative wavelength (2940nm) and a nonablative wavelength (1470nm). By including both technologies, HALO delivers the benefits of resurfacing for sun damage and fine lines alongside the benefits of collagen stimulation and dermal remodeling.

HALO is an option for patients who require a deeper, more intense corrective treatment to reach their goals and can tolerate a few days of social downtime. MOXI is an ideal choice for those seeking a lighter, gentler treatment that refreshes their skin with little to no downtime.

How Does MOXI Compare to BBL HERO?

The combination of BBL HERO and MOXI is the #1 treatment in our practice. BBL (BroadBand Light) is an advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology that gently heats the top layers of the skin to trigger collagen production. Over time, the new collagen brightens and revitalizes the skin while delivering improvements in pigmentation, redness and wrinkles.

The combination of MOXI and BBL HERO offers comprehensive, synergistic results. BBL HERO is a broader treatment that penetrates deeper into the skin to target red pigment and water, reversing the effects of sun damage and aging at a cellular level. MOXI targets water in the superficial part of the skin, offering light rejuvenation that’s perfect before a special occasion or for long-term maintenance between deeper treatments.

We are seeing better results in a shorter time with this combination, which is a win for our patients that we are thrilled to offer.

Watch Dr. Burns discuss his own experience using MOXI and BBL to address the tough pigment on his head here.

MOXI can treat people of color better than any laser I have ever used. It is exciting to treat these patients who have been plagued with pigmentation issues such as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma and chloasma. It can also handle stubborn pigment in lighter skin types and is great for mild wrinkles and texture issues.

— Dr. Burns

Am I a Good Candidate for MOXI?

We can treat a wide range of patients with MOXI, including some who were previously challenging to treat or did not have a need for aggressive laser resurfacing. MOXI is a wonderful introduction to lasers for patients who are new to cosmetic treatments or just beginning their skincare journey. It’s also an effective choice for patients seeking a gentle addition to their routine for light touch-ups as required.

Unlike many lasers, which address existing signs of aging, MOXI can help prevent signs of aging from appearing in the first place. Younger patients can benefit from this treatment even if they don’t have visible sun damage or aging yet. MOXI can treat all skin tones, including Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI. Because MOXI is a lighter treatment than its counterparts, it lessens the risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation for dark skin.

What Should I Expect During My MOXI Laser Treatment?

The MOXI treatment begins with a thorough skin cleansing. When your skin is prepped, and you have put on goggles to protect your eyes from the laser, your provider will start rolling the device across the treatment area. Most areas receive four to six passes in a crosshatching motion to ensure the treatment is even. See MOXI in action here.

After the entire area is treated, your provider will apply a topical serum to soothe and protect your skin. An average full-face treatment takes 10 to 15 minutes. You can return to work and other activities as soon as your treatment is complete.

Does the MOXI Laser Hurt?

The MOXI laser feels warm and prickly to most patients. There is a short topical numbing period prior to treatment. At RSMD, this time is enjoyed in our state-of-the-art massage chairs with options to watch a favorite show or listen to your music of choice. We want to create an easy, comfortable experience from the moment you walk in to the moment you make your appointment to return.

The Moxi treatment can be done at three levels. Level one has a refreshing, skin polishing effect, while levels two and three target issues deeper in the skin. We can mix and match levels to create a package that works with your unique goals and lifestyle.

— Dr. Burns

What Is the Downtime for MOXI?

There is no required downtime after a MOXI laser treatment. In the first hour or two after your treatment, your skin may be red and feel warm. Patients often compare it to a mild sunburn. Wear sunscreen and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to protect and comfort your skin.

You may wear makeup 24 hours after your appointment. This can camouflage any residual redness that persists after the first day. Starting on day two or three, and continuing until day three to six, your skin may feel dry and rough as it exfoliates. This sensation will stop when the damaged cells slough off, revealing the fresh, new cells underneath.

How Long Does It Take to See Results From MOXI and How Many MOXI Treatments Do I Need?

The skin renewal process lasts approximately one week. You will see your results when the old skin cells flake off, which usually occurs around day five or six. Your results may continue to improve in the weeks and months to come as collagen production is stimulated.

Our recommended treatment protocol for most patients is three to four sessions. We find that this achieves the most impactful results while keeping downtime to a minimum. After the initial series is completed, many patients elect to have regular maintenance treatments to bring out the best in their skin.

For a Gentle Approach to Glowing Skin, Try MOXI at RSMD

At Resurrect Skin MD, we want to take care of you from your 20s to your 80s, so we emphasize maintenance and prevention just as much as correction. Dr. Burns chooses every treatment available at RSMD with this in mind. From the gentlest maintenance treatments to deep resurfacing and everything in between, we have a complete line-up of the most advanced technology in the world.

Schedule a consultation today to learn if MOXI is right for you. You can reach our team by calling 219-754-6865 or filling out our contact form.