Lasers are one of the most transformative technologies to emerge in aesthetic medicine. Millions of laser procedures are now performed globally each year, but to reach this point, forward-thinking physicians had to recognize their potential and dedicate themselves to mastering this rapidly progressing, fascinating and extremely complex technology.

A. Jay Burns MD is a pioneer in this field. In the 1980s, when using lasers for skin rejuvenation was a novel concept, he saw their promise. His curiosity set him on a journey to explore and expand their applications in aesthetic medicine.

Today, Dr. Burns is an internationally renowned expert in lasers and other energy devices. In addition to his involvement in clinical trials, medical publications and scientific advisory boards, his expertise is sought after through speaking engagements and preceptorships where he shares insights both practical and profound from his 30+ year career.

As an educator, Dr. Burns is passionate about helping current and future generations of medical practitioners expand their capabilities and push the boundaries of what lasers can achieve. His Sciton preceptorships are a must-attend for anyone serious about mastering the art and science of lasers in aesthetic medicine.

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: How did you first become acquainted with lasers?

"I was in general surgery at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City from ‘81 to ‘86. Back then, it was unusual for someone in general surgery to know about lasers, but there was a general surgery professor working on port wine stains named Dr. John Dixon who loved lasers and I became familiar with the technology.

Years later, I finished up my plastic surgery training and went to Harvard to do a fellowship with Dr. John Mulliken, who was the world's expert in vascular anomalies. I was his first fellow and he's had one every year since.

I saw the impact lasers could have, but they weren’t yet widely adopted in medicine. With some encouragement from one of my professor heroes, I decided to pursue my dual interests in lasers and surgery."

Leading the Way in Laser Education

Throughout his career, Dr. Burns has been as committed to sharing knowledge as he is to acquiring it. He has directed and participated in numerous symposiums, panels, workshops and courses, both nationally and around the world. He is also widely published on the subject of laser resurfacing and other energy modalities.

Dr. Burns’ Sciton preceptorships are especially in demand, as they have been sold out since the first course years ago. These intensive training sessions offer unparalleled insights into the latest advancements in laser technology and their applications from one of the most distinguished voices in aesthetic medicine today.

Dr. Burns emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical skill-building in his preceptorships. Attendees leave with a deeper understanding of Sciton technology as well as the confidence to implement innovative techniques in their practices.

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: How did you become educated about laser technology?

"I was on the ground floor of lasers in medicine, so there was no place to get training. Instead, I learned under two guys who were laser experts from the engineering perspective. I would buy them dinner and they would tell me everything they knew. They were great teachers.

Because I was taught by engineers, I knew things like what a resonator cavity is and what the inside of a laser looked like. I loved learning that way. The deeper I get into something, the more fascinated I am. I always want to know “How does it work? How is it made? What can I apply it to?”

Now when I see a new device, I use that advanced technical knowledge to evaluate it. That has served me really well over the years."

Topics Covered

  • Deep resurfacing techniques for advanced aging and wrinkles
  • Treatment strategies for scars and acne
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and treating people of color
  • Treatment approaches for men
  • Treating challenging skin conditions resulting from sun exposure, pregnancy, hormonal changes and more
  • Recognizing and managing complications
  • Pre-operative and post-operative protocols
  • Treating younger patients for maintenance
  • The Skin to Life™ approach (combining technologies)

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: Why do you think lasers have stood the test of time as an aesthetic technology?

"They bring something unique to the table. What really turned the world on its ear, in my opinion, was when Rox Anderson and John Parrish came up with the concept of selective photothermolysis. That made lasers very precise, safer and more effective.

Now, it seems like laser technology improves every single year. We’re able to achieve beautiful results with less downtime and discomfort, and with a higher level of safety. We can do that for more skin conditions and more skin types, including many we couldn’t treat safely in the past. Lasers are incredibly versatile.

I think we're going to see robotics and AI come into lasers in the future. It’s still a ways away, but it’s exciting to think about the impact that could have."

Technologies Covered

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: Why is a comprehensive understanding of laser technology vital for plastic surgeons today?

"I believe that a plastic surgeon has an advantage if they can effectively treat all four pillars of aging — gravity, dynamic lines, volume loss and skin. We can address gravity with surgery, dynamic lines with neurotoxins and volume with fillers, but skin has been a blind spot for a lot of surgeons.

Lasers are an outstanding addition to the surgeon’s toolbox because they can improve skin texture and pore size, reduce red and brown pigmentation, and eliminate or ameliorate wrinkles in a very powerful way. They're a beautiful complement to everything else we do.

Additionally, many patients are either not ready for or not interested in surgery. Mastery of laser technology enables us to address their needs effectively, allowing us to serve a larger patient base."

The Preceptorship Experience

Dr. Burns’ Sciton preceptorships present a summary of what he has learned through research and clinical experience over his 35-year career, focusing on his favorite technologies and techniques in the nonsurgical aesthetics space.

Immersive Learning

Dr. Burns begins his preceptorships with an overview of key Sciton technologies and the techniques he has developed to bring optimal results to his patients in a safe way. The teaching sessions are conducted in a relaxed yet intellectually stimulating environment that encourages open dialogue.

Live clinical demonstrations are interspersed throughout the didactic sessions, allowing attendees to observe the practical application of the techniques discussed. Attendees are given ample opportunity for questions to ensure a thorough understanding of the concepts.

Engaging With Experts

Dr. Burns presents in a casual and comfortable atmosphere with an open, free-flowing approach. He provides plenty of time for questions and answers throughout the day, and no topics are off limits. Dr. Burns will freely share his thoughts and experience with competitive technologies.

His highly experienced staff are present during the preceptorship to help and answer questions about the day-to-day care of patients. Their firsthand experience in implementing these treatments and techniques offers additional layers of insight and practical knowledge, making them a valuable resource for attendees.

Interactive and Inclusive Discussions

Each preceptorship culminates in an open forum with no specific agenda, fostering a free exchange of ideas and experiences. Past topics have included competitive technology analysis, best business practices, strategies for integrating laser treatments with surgical procedures, and tips for starting and/or growing a practice.

During this time, preceptees are encouraged to present cases for discussion and problem-solving among the group. This collaborative learning environment offers an opportunity to apply the concepts and techniques learned during the day to real-world scenarios.

Business Development Insights

As the national medical director of Cosmetic Physician Partners, Dr. Burns is well-positioned to share valuable insights on running a successful nonsurgical aesthetic practice. Throughout the preceptorship, he imparts business pearls and strategies that attendees can bring to their own practices.

Following the completion of the preceptorship, attendees receive handouts to support the day’s teachings. Dr. Burns provides his contact information to all participants, ensuring they have access to ongoing guidance and expertise as they apply the techniques learned in their own practices.

Free Online Training Access

As an added benefit, all preceptees receive one free month of access to MINT Aesthetics, an online nonsurgical aesthetic training platform that Dr. Burns believes is the best resource of its kind. This platform features Dr. Burns’ extensive teachings that go beyond the 8-9 hour preceptorship, including his podcast where he interviews the world’s leading laser and technology experts.

MINT Aesthetics offers a comprehensive teaching library designed for the entire staff, from aesthetic providers and injectors to front desk personnel, office managers and owners. This exceptional resource provides preceptees and their teams ongoing education as they implement the techniques and strategies learned during the preceptorship.

Networking and Marketing Opportunities

Breakfast, lunch and drinks are provided. Social media opportunities and photos are available at the end of the day if desired.

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: What is unique about your philosophy or approach to laser treatments?

"At Resurrect Skin MD, my team and I prioritize comprehensive consultations. We want to get to know our patients and ensure they feel truly heard. Our goal is to develop a long-term skincare program tailored specifically to each individual’s needs and goals.

We believe that achieving lasting improvements requires a commitment to a long-term approach. There are no quick fixes that provide enduring results. That's why we leverage every technology, treatment and product at our disposal to create a fully customized rejuvenation program for each patient.

My team is also passionate and accomplished. Some of them have been with me for over 20 years. We all work together to further our education and deliver the highest level of service and expertise to our patients. We never sit on our laurels."

What Attendees Say

“I recently attended Dr. Burns’ laser resurfacing preceptorship and it was an amazing experience! The didactic content was thorough and the live demonstration was very helpful. The small class size made for a great learning environment. I would highly recommend this preceptorship to those wanting to get great treatment results for their patients! Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge!” — Maxine Lucas, DNP, FNP-C

“Transformed our entire laser practice!! My laser nurse, Alicia, and I attended Jay Burns’ Sciton Laser Preceptorship as part of our package for buying a Sciton Laser. Alicia had been doing lasers for 15 years or more and I had been a Plastic Surgeon for 30 years. Neither of us were expecting much to change as a result of this course. Boy, were we both wrong!!! We had no idea the depth and breadth of what these lasers could do for our patients and our practice. Jay and his entire team were amazing. This was a full day of the perfect mix of lecture and live patient demonstrations of BBL, MOXI, ProFractional and TRL techniques. The knowledge and confidence we received that day has totally changed our laser practice, both in the medspa and in my facial aesthetic surgery practice. I am now very confident with deep resurfacing and getting amazing results! Our patients and our practice have both benefited significantly.” — Kris B. Shewmake, MD, FACS

“As a practicing Plastic Surgeon in Indiana for over 25 years, my Lead Esthetician and I flew to Dallas to Resurrect Skin MD and Dr. Jay Burns and his AMAZING team for a short, INCREDIBLE one-day preceptorship to heighten our knowledge, skills and improve patient outcomes while always stressing safety. I have followed Dr. Burns for years as he is world renowned in laser physics, knowledge and application, doing the deep research and laying the groundwork for the rest of the plastic surgery community. I was so pleased to meet him and learn in-person from this generous, gracious genius.” — Brian J. Lee, MD, FACS

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: You’re known for combining lasers — can you describe your Skin to Life™ technique?

"Over the past few years, I developed and refined my “Skin to Life” approach, which consists of using multiple lasers very precisely in combination in order to optimize results, yet minimize downtime and reduce risk. I rarely, if ever, use one laser anymore.

I can come in with a KTP or 532 laser to treat the browns and the BBL HERO or a vascular laser to treat the reds. I can use the Erbium laser for deep wrinkles around the mouth and really severe sun damage. And then I can come in with the MOXI and polish the surface.

Patients want the smoothest, most homogeneous skin they can get, and they want it quickly with as little disruption to their lives as possible. The Skin to Life™ approach means using each laser for its strengths and combining them strategically to minimize the downtime, maximize the result. I’ve had great success with it."

dr jay burns

About Dr. Burns

Dr. A. Jay Burns is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the medical director of Resurrect Skin MD.

He graduated from Baylor University magna cum laude and was honored as Outstanding Junior Alumni of Baylor University in 1994. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha honorary academic society.

Upon graduation, he completed an internship and residency in General Surgery at the University of Utah Affiliated Hospitals in Salt Lake City, UT, followed by a residency in Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical School. He then went on to complete specialty training in vascular anomalies and birthmarks at Harvard Affiliated Hospitals.

Throughout his career, Dr. Burns has gained extensive business experience in both nonsurgical and surgical practices. He served as a senior partner with one of the largest plastic surgery groups in the world before leaving in 2020 to establish Resurrect Skin MD, a state-of-the-art practice that houses the world’s leading technology and a highly experienced staff dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care.

Dr. Burns is a highly respected authority on lasers and other high-tech nonsurgical solutions. He regularly serves as a speaker, consultant, investigator, key opinion leader (KOL), advisory board member and educator on these subjects, ensuring his expertise benefits his colleagues and elevates the industry as a whole.

Q&A With Dr. Burns

Q: Why are you so passionate about being an educator?

"One of life's greatest joys and responsibilities is to mentor others. I find this process mutually enriching – I learn just as much from my interactions with preceptees as they learn from me. This exchange of knowledge and experience is what drives the entire industry forward.

It's taken me over 30 years to get to where I am now. If I can share my knowledge so that other people don't have to face the same obstacles I did, that’s wonderful.

The truth is simply that I love teaching and I love people. It keeps me invigorated. To know that people I’ve trained are getting great results for their patients, and now some of them are continuing the legacy by training others, is immensely gratifying and rewarding."

Secure Your Spot in a Sciton Laser Preceptorship With Dr. Burns

Aesthetic medicine is a constantly evolving industry, and standing on the cutting-edge is no longer just an advantage — it’s a necessity.

Dr. Burns’ Sciton preceptorships offer the most advanced, comprehensive training available to help you understand your Sciton technology and master innovative protocols for laser resurfacing and rejuvenation. These sessions are invaluable for any medical professional looking to up-level their skills and unlock the full potential of their practice.

To inquire about Dr. Burns’ upcoming preceptorship dates, please contact our team. Attendance is limited and sessions sell out, so reserve your seat today.