Resurrect Neck

Resurrect Neck

A minimally-invasive neck lift for young patients who have always wanted a more defined jawline and angular neck

There is a group of patients who Dr. Burns believes have long been underserved. He sees patients who have always hated their necks and ill-defined jawlines. They are young, usually between 30 and 45, with no need for a facelift as their skin is tight and youthful. However, they have always had a degree of neck fullness and a poorly defined jawline. Liposuction can help with these cases, but it is often not enough to produce the sharp jawline these patients desire. For such patients, Resurrect Neck is worth considering to address these concerns.

At Resurrect Skin MD, Dr. Burns offers a minimally-invasive neck lift technique called Resurrect Neck (RN). Over his three decades in practice, Dr. Burns observed that most neck lift patients desire a safe procedure, minimal downtime, minimal hassle and recovery, and a natural result. Resurrect Neck evolved from these desires, and today it is the only neck lift procedure Dr. Burns performs. RN is not for everyone, but good candidates for this approach enjoy the results and recovery every week at Resurrect Skin MD. Request a consultation to find out why Resurrect Neck is one of Dr. Burns’ and RSMD’s signature procedures!

Treatment Time

1-2 hours


General or local


Few days if no bruising; 2-3 weeks if bruising occurs, but usually minimal

What Is the Resurrect Neck Lift?

Resurrect Neck is an innovative procedure that lifts and tightens tissue around the neck and jawline with a minimally-invasive suture system. Without traditional incisions, Dr. Burns utilizes a technique that can address any neck bands without standard surgical mobilization of the neck. He then performs liposuction if necessary to excise fat in the neck or underneath the chin. Finally, he precisely weaves a suture through the underlying tissue and tightens it carefully, similar to a “purse string” that causes an elevation of the neck tissues and tightens the skin slightly. As a result, the jawline is more defined.

Specially designed tools allow Dr. Burns to place this innovative suture to create the neck suspension through small puncture points that require no skin stitches and leave no perceptible scar. No drains are required.

This approach is starkly different from traditional neck rejuvenation approaches. A traditional neck lift incision often starts in the hairline at sideburn-level, continues down and around the ear, and ends in the hairline behind the ear. There may also be an incision under the chin. Once the incisions are created, the underlying tissue is repositioned, and commonly the platysma muscle is tightened. The skin is then re-draped over the uplifted contours and excess skin is trimmed away. This is far too invasive and unnecessary for the group of patients that are better suited for the Resurrect Neck procedure.

What Are the Differences Between Resurrect Neck and a Traditional Neck Lift?

The technique differences described above translate to significant differences in the patient experience.

Resurrect Neck:

  • Eliminates the need to open the neck fully
  • Eliminates the need for an overnight stay
  • Eliminates the need for surgical drains
  • Can be done under local anesthesia in the majority of patients, if desired
  • Decreases risk and wound healing issues
  • Reduces downtime (some patients may bruise, but most patients have limited bruising and can return to work in a day or two)
  • Leaves little to no visible scarring
  • Produces a natural, unoperated look

In comparison, a traditional neck lift:

  • Requires incisions to open the neck area fully
  • Requires an overnight stay with a mandatory overnight nurse
  • May require drains during the early days of recovery
  • Is done under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation
  • Carries a higher risk of complications, including bleeding into the middle of the neck
  • Requires more downtime
  • Results in more scarring

“I have an expertise in facial rejuvenation and have performed the most advanced and aggressive facelifts and neck lifts utilized over the past 30 years. I believe so strongly in the Resurrect Neck procedure that I've done it exclusively for the last three years. It provides tremendous ROI for my patients.”

— Dr. Burns

Am I a Good Candidate for Resurrect Neck?

You are a good candidate for this procedure if you do not need a facelift and you simply have a poorly defined jawline and unwanted fullness under the chin and jaw. It is for mild to moderate fullness, but not for anyone who has advanced fullness or is massively overweight. It is also not for anyone who has a significant amount of excess skin.

In older patients who have jowling, Resurrect Neck can be combined with a lower SMAS facelift in what Dr. Burns has termed his Resurrect Face and Neck lift (RFN).

What Are the Risks of Resurrect Neck?

Resurrect Neck can be done under general or local anesthesia. There are pros and cons to each option, which will be discussed during your consultation.

Although Resurrect Neck offers improved safety over traditional neck lift surgery, no procedure is without risk. The risks of any facial rejuvenation procedure include bleeding, infection, nerve injury, scarring and asymmetry, but these complications are rare with RN.

Rarely, inflammation or infection can occur around the suture. In the unlikely event this complication occurs and cannot be resolved with medications, the suture may need to be removed. This procedure can be performed in-office for maximum patient comfort and convenience. In most cases, even if the suture is removed after six weeks, there is a significant residual benefit.

What Is the Downtime After a Resurrect Neck Lift?

An overnight stay or nursing care is not required following your Resurrect Neck procedure, and many RN patients return to work in a day or two if there is no significant bruising. If bruising occurs, then this may limit return to the public eye for some patients and may last as long as a week or two.

Some discomfort, swelling, tightness, numbness and minor irregularities can be expected post-surgery. Some of these settle in just a few days, while others may take a few weeks to resolve completely. You must temporarily wear a neck collar and limit all activities (including exercise) that could strain your neck and/or elevate your blood pressure for 10 days, especially while sleeping.

Overall, the Resurrect Neck recovery is significantly shorter and more comfortable than traditional neck lift recovery. If you add more procedures to your neck rejuvenation procedure, expect your recovery to be lengthier and more involved.

“The Resurrect Neck technique excels at marrying a beautiful result with reduced risk, downtime and expense. While it may not be the right option for everyone, I find it fits the needs of most of my patients, and I am proud to say the patient satisfaction rate is high for this procedure.”

— Dr. Burns

What Results Can a Resurrect Neck Lift Achieve?

Resurrect Neck can produce similar results to a traditional neck lift with reduced scarring, lower risk and faster recovery time. Most patients can expect significant, yet natural-looking improvement in jawline definition as well as neck contour and fullness. While the degree of improvement and length of improvement are individually variable, on average, the results of this procedure last eight to 10 years. If removal of fat is a part of this procedure, results can last even longer.

Can I Combine Resurrect Neck With Other Procedures?

When you choose a state-of-the-art practice like Resurrect Skin MD, you have access to our team’s expertise on all facial rejuvenation options. Our patients often combine their Resurrect Neck procedure with a facelift, brow lift and/or blepharoplasty for complete facial rejuvenation.

Another popular combination with Resurrect Neck surgery is laser resurfacing. This can be done with the Erbium laser for deep lines and sun damage, ProFractional for undereye rejuvenation and/or Contour TRL for deep lines around the mouth. The combination of lasers with surgery is a special area of expertise for Dr. Burns.

Minimally Invasive, Natural Results — Resurrect Neck at RSMD

As a leading figure in the fields of plastic surgery and nonsurgical aesthetics, Dr. Burns is always looking for safe and effective ways to utilize the latest services, devices and techniques for his patients. He is excited to offer the Resurrect Neck procedure for patients seeking an innovative way to enhance their neck and jawline. With more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Burns has the expertise and artistic eye to deliver beautiful, natural-looking neck lift techniques that benefit his patients.

Contact Resurrect Skin MD to learn more. You can reach our team at 219-754-6865 or request a consultation through our website.