The 4 Pillars Of Facial Aging with Dr. Jay Burns

dr jay burns

Dr. Jay Burns joins Drs. Furnas and Korman to discuss facial aging and maintaining great skin quality. Spoiler alert – Botox works wonders, and you need a lot more sunscreen than you think.

Dr. Burns’ divides facial aging into four pillars: loose skin from gravity, dynamic lines and wrinkles from our expressive facial muscles, deteriorating skin quality, and volume loss. The use of skin care products, neuromodulators, like Botox, fillers, and energy devices like lasers can prevent and maintain. Even when a facelift is the only way to improve the jowls, cheeks, and neck, overlooking the skin quality when laser resurfacing is indicated is doing a disservice to patients. A youthful face contour with older skin is a mismatch that can catch the eye.

Dr. Burns discusses treatments that address the four pillars. His favorite one actually reactivates youthful genes so skin appears genetically younger when regularly maintained.